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Night Owl iGen 20/20 Night Vision NOIGM3X Monocular

Night Owl iGen 20/20 Night Vision NOIGM3X Monocular is a specialty device which works with a unique technology and gives an awesome night observation. It arrives with a cutting edge technology which is tubeless and unlike the traditional models with the electron bombardment in the vacuum tube. This iGen technology works with the special optics that brings better and high quality images. Although there are many other firsts to say about this product the tubeless technology is the prime specialty of this product. There are a host of achievements and about which is discussed in this review.

Technology Overview:

Primarily the iGen technology needs a better detailing in order to understand this product features and functions. One feels good about this product for its better image quality which is about 30 lpm and the resolution is also edge to edge. It products images with out any aberration or distortion and hence the observation goes undisturbed or stress free.

Night Owl iGen 20-20 Night Vision NOIGM3X Monocula


Night Owl iGen 20/20 Night Vision NOIGM3X Black Monocular performs two times sensitive to the infrared light and hence it is also useful in total dark environment. The infrared emitter works intelligently and the microprocessor present in the device works automatically to adjust the level and intensity of the infrared which is one main reason to optimise the ambient light. When set with the infrared emission it gives a bright and clear illumination without any dark spots or uneven light conditions.

Technical Details:

This model is designed with the magnification of 2.6x in its lens size of 20mm diameter. The aperture and the magnification go hand in hand. It suits for the night observation and is also applicable for the day light. The angle of observation is 12 degree and this model works with the infrared emission which needs power and hence it is equipped with the 4 AA batteries. The range of view is 16” to infinity which is good to observe even the moving objects. With the compatibility is considered it is possible to install it with the tripod mount which gives a better viewing experience. This surely makes it simple for the general observation during the night hours.


The very purpose of this model is that it works day or night; hence it becomes a round the clock companion for the observers. Right from the day light nature observation to the twilight and even the dark environment this model serves interestingly well and also permits to carry handy with the provided carry pouch.

It is possible to set variable display brightness hence during the night time observation no dark spots can be found or the uneven light conditions can be avoided with the proper and required brightness settings.

The other associated features are the programmable time-out features, the colour output and infrared start-off. These serve a great deal of use for the common day and night time observers.

Overall,  Night Owl iGen 20/20 Night Vision NOIGM3X Monocular comes with the apt technology of iGen which is more robust and durable. It eliminates the risk of damage causing from the bright light exposure and it does not come with the vacuum tubes which are fragile.


Manufacturer Night Owl
Model Name iGen 20/20 Night Vision Monocular
Product Code NOIGM3X
Magnification 2.6x
Angle of view 12 degree
Aperture 20 mm
Colour Black
Resolution 30 lp/mm
Power 4 AA batteries
Adaptability Tripod, mount
Features Can be used in day & night
Variable display brightness
Programmable time-out features
Colour output
Infrared start-off
Variable frame rate 2 fps to 30 fps
Celestron 71212 Oceana 8×42 Monocular

This product is new and innovative. It has lots of good stuffs like the built-in compass and reticle along with lots more features which clearly tells the brand name Celestron. Celestron introduces products for the specific use and most of it fits the expectation, it gains the reputation from its customers who see the brand with loyalty. This review is about Celestron 71212 Oceana 8×42 Monocular which brings out the pros and cons for perfect understanding.


This product is known to be a reticle and compass monocular which is suitable for the marine activities. It brings in fun and entertainment along with the perfect support in the sea. The optical design is Roof along with the Bak-4 Prism. The optics is fully multicoated. Celestron 71212 Oceana 8×42 Roof Prism Monocular also claims to be a product of water proof and weather proof. It is a nice thing to note the compactness in size and it weighs just 226.8 grams. The black colour housing is an attractive design feature. The body has the objective lens, focus wheel and eyecup along with the compass on the top.

Aperture and Magnification:

The aperture is 42mm in diameter which gives out the magnification of 8x. With its quite large aperture the size of the objective lens the light gathering is more which makes the image brighter and clearer for the observers.


The focus comes with the adjustable wheel which lets you sharpen the view. It can rotate with the help of the focus wheel till the sharp images are obtained. The setting up of the eyecup helps to obtain the maximum field of view. It also comforts those with the eye glasses.

The use of reticle as a measuring device is a highlight of the product. It is measured both horizontal and vertical direction. It also measures the horizontal and vertical scale by using 10 mils for each of the number.

The using of compass is yet another interesting factor which not only indicates the direction but also gives the relative position. The compact denotes in angle where in the 90 degrees indicates the east, 180, 270 and 360 degrees indicates the south, west and north respectively.

Other Technical Details:

The exit pupil which is present in the center of the objective lens measures 5mm in diameter which also supports in the light gathering function. The eye relief is stated to be 20mm which comforts even person with the spectacles. The field of view at the distance of 1000m is 183m. When considering the close focus it brings the images as close as 6.5 feet which is perfectly suitable for observing the moving objects. The focus system is central that can be adjusted easily.

Overall, Celestron 71212 Oceana 8×42 Compass Monocular does have few features that add to the comfort of the user which are the rubber armouring, water proof construction and the light weight with mere 226.8 grams. The warranty for 12 months is also available for this product.

Celestron 71212 Specifications:

Manufacturer Celestron
Model Name 71212 Oceana 8×42 Monocular
Colours available Black
Prism type BaK-4
Magnification 8x
Optical Design Roof
Weight 226.8 grams
Exit pupil 5 mm
Aperture 42 mm
Focus type Central
Close focus 6.5 feet/1.98 m
Eye relief 20 mm
Rubber armouring Yes
Field of view at 1000 m 183 m
Features Multi-coated optics
Built-in Compass for direction location
Reticle built-in for determining distance
Waterproof and fog proof
Rubber armouring
Compact size and light weight
Warranty 12 months
Celestron 71210 Nature 10×25 Monocular Review

Celestron the expert in the field of magnification not only a favourite brand for the professional, it also proudly reveals its baby brother the monocular with the same care in technology and design. The compactness coupled with the brand identity gets the customers attracted towards this product. It needs to be noted that although monocular is a small sized and compact device it can handle the activities of an average binocular but by providing the comfort of mobility. Celestron 71210 Nature 10×25 Monocular is expected to go hand to hand for all those who wish to possess a monocular. More on this product can be obtained in this review.

Optical Technology:

Powered by the roof type of optics with BaK-4 prism this model features successful for its performance. The optics are fully multi-coated which protects from aberration and irregularities. This device is useful for bird watching, sports and golf. The multi-coated optics brings in maximum resolution and has high contrast levels.

Technical Details:

The magnification ability of Celestron 71210 Nature 10×25 Waterproof, Fog Proof Monocular is 10x which means that this monocular can transform images 10 times of its actual size. The aperture is 25mm which is the measurement of the objective lens in its diameter.

The exit pupil is the small round which is present in the middle of the objective lens and it measures 2.5mm which in support with the objective lens works in the light gathering ability. The focus system is central and the field of view at the distance of 1000m is 101m. This device also serves for the near focus which is about 18 feet.

Ergonomic Features:

The eye relief measures 14mm which is a comfortable one for even those with the eye glass wearers. The weight is mere 170 grams and hence it can easily be slide into the pockets or hand bags. The housing comes with rubber armouring which is perfect for use with the moisture hands for the perfect grip. It also protects the internal parts from hits and bumps. Celestron 71210 Nature 10×25 Compact Monocular also makes a weather proof statement with its water and fog proof technology. The design and style is impressive and it gives the utmost protection to the technology even when it is used in the damp weather conditions. The rubber armouring with have grooves for the fingers and on the other side it has rough finish to make the hold better and strong.


When such products come with limited lifetime warranty it is going to surely add a feather in the cap. It gets the user happy and minds more involving in the activity than the care of the product.

Celestron 71210 Specifications

Manufacturer Celestron
Model Name 71210 Nature 10×25 Monocular
Colours available Black
Prism type BaK-4
Magnification 10x
Optical Design Roof
Weight 170 grams
Exit pupil 2.5 mm
Aperture 25 mm
Focus type Central
Close focus 5.49 m
Eye relief 14 mm
Rubber armouring Yes
Field of view at 1000 m 101m
Features Multi-coated optics
Waterproof and fog proof
Rubber armouring
Compact size and light weight
Warranty Limited lifetime
Opticron Oregon 6×16 Monocular

Opticron the optical brand offers many products to help magnification. Their product range is catered with binoculars, monocular, telescopes, range finders, magnifiers and related products. The demand for monocular is widely felt as it is a compact device which is simple to carry and easy to use. One of its successful products is Opticron 6×16 Oregon Macro Focus Roof Prism Monocular and the following review is about it which brings out more details on the product.


The compactness of the device is made possible with its roof prism design. This model is suitable for both the long view and macro view of the nature observation. The outlook of this product is black in colour which does have a glossy finish in combination with the bold black housing. The dimension of 67mm in height and 32mm in width makes it sleek and slim which can just be added to the coat pockets. The weight is another positive aspect which is just 65 grams.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compact, light weight is the prime description of its physical appearance. Opticron 6×16 Oregon Macro Focus Black Colour Monocular can be easily carried and goes well for travelling.
  • Fully coated optics gives the device clear and crisp images. It sets the observation free from aberration.
  • Easy one hand operation is possible with the large focusing system. It is easy to hold and operate with single hand.
  • Conversion to microscope is possible with the 30259 LED Micro stand, this makes the device good for dual application.
  • The eyecups are made of rubber and they are designed with the fold down style for the easy access for the users.

Technical Details:

Magnification and Aperture – The size of the viewing image using this device gets 6 times magnified of its original size. The aperture of 16mm is the measurement of the objective lens through which the light enters the device.

Observation – The field of view at the distance of 1000m is 149m which is the width of panoramic view where one degree is approximately 17.45m. The minimum focus is 0.25m which is the close focus that can be obtained by this device.

Eye relief – It is a general rule that the long eye relief is a better device for the spectacle wearers. It is the distance between the surfaces of the eyepiece to the point of the exit pupil. This model shows the eye relief to be 10mm which is below the average specification.

Application and Package contents:

This is a perfect device for the long range and the macro observation. The manufacturer of this model provides it along with the contents of soft case, strap and caps.


The guarantee offered by Opticron 6×16 Oregon Macro Focus Compact Monocular is for the period of 2 years, which keeps the users free from the fear of handling.

Opticron 30339 Monocular Specifications

Manufacturer Opticron
Model Name 6×16 Oregon Macro Focus Roof  Prism Monocular
Product Code 30339
Dimension (H x W) inches 67 x 32mm
Weight 65 grams
Magnification 6x
Field of view 149 m
Aperture 16 mm
Colour Black
Eye relief 10 mm
Close focus 0.25m
Prism Roof
Features Compact, light weight
Fully coated optics
Easy one hand operation
Conversion to microscope
Fold down rubber eyecup
Application Long range and macro observation
Package contents Soft case, strap and caps
Guarantee 2 years
Yukon NVMT-3 4×50 Night Vision Monocular

Yukon is a global brand which is specialised in optical products. They are the manufactures of leading models in binoculars, spotting scope, night vision devices and the related accessories. They are constant innovator of high end models and are also a proven designer which has given them a top position. Yukon NVMT-3 4×50 Night Vision Monocular is an efficient innovation which is been equipped with many supportive features which are been discussed in the following review.


This model is a unique product which gives a competitive magnification along with the high light gathering ability. It is been designed specially for the night vision and is a great go for the use in photography, gaming and surveillance. This device is handy and suits many activities. It also suits for the use of general outdoor and sporting purpose. Yukon NVMT3 4×50 Night Vision Rubber Armouring Monocular is an all rounder and can be used irrespective of the time and lighting.

Design and Style:

One of the prime highlight of this model is the compact structure and light weight construction. It has housing with the unique colour combination of light and dark shades of green. The housing is also designed with the rubber armouring. This sturdy construction and perfection in engineering keeps it durable. It can also withstand the drops and mishandling. Safe to use in any weather condition is an added feature. The rubber armouring not only protects against the water but gives a grip hold for even the moisture hands. The size is compact and the dimension is 191 x 87 x 60mm while the weight is mere 500 grams.

Technical Details:

  • The magnification of this device is 4x which means it has the ability to multiply the viewing image 4 times bigger than the actual size.
  • The aperture measures 50mm which is one prime reason to make it possible for the night vision. This large aperture which is the size of the objective lens makes the viewing image brighter and better for observation.
  • Field of view when determined in terms of degree is 20 degrees which gives the range of view for observing the general outdoor. While the viewing range goes up to 150 meters.

Other Product Details:

The dioptre adjustment which is present in this model can be adjusted from +4 to -4 and the setting is simple with the easy access knob. The IR illuminator range present works up to the range of 100m. Yukon NVMT-3 4×50 Night Vision Compact Monocular works with the power supply of 3V and it is been operated with the battery power. It also shows compatible to the tripod mount and it comes with 2 sockets to make it possible to install on the tripod. The lens of this model is interchangeable based on the requirement and the application demands. It is also adaptable with the photo and video adaptability.

Included Accessories:

Monocular, padded case with carrying strap, lens cap, hand strap, cleaning cloth, user manual and warranty card are the package contents which is been offered by the manufacturer.

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Yukon NVMT-3 4×50 Night Vision Monocular – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Yukon
Model Name NVMT-3 4×50 Night Vision Monocular
Model Number 24027
Magnification 4x
Dimensions 191 x 87 x 60 mm
Aperture 50 mm
Field of view, degree 20
Weight 500 grams
Diopter adjustment ± 4
Viewing range 150 m
Tripod compatible Yes
Waterproof Yes
Applications Outdoor, hunting and security
Additional features Compact and light weight<
Built-in Infrared Illuminator
Rubber armouring
Long distance observation
Interchangeable lens
Photo and video adaptable
Included accessories Monocular, padded case with carrying strap,
lens cap, hand strap, cleaning cloth,
user manual and warranty card